Paper Sculptures

There are several types of paper crafts that can help you create unbelievably fine paper sculptures. One such method is referred to as quilling, which despite being centuries-old had somehow gone into extinction with time. However, paper quilling is slowly recovering its lost ground, all thanks to the increasing amount of people’s interest in paper sculptures.

Quilling for creation of paper sculptures
Quilling is a paper art through which you combine narrow paper strips and give them the shape of beautiful creations. You need to roll, shape, glue and decorate the paper strips. People often refer to this art form as paper quilling or paper filigree. What’s best about it is that you can do it even with very simple tools.

Important quilling tools
Paper strips – You can easily buy quilling paper from any of the nearest arts and crafts stores. As an alternative you can even cut paper strips on your own using some scrap paper. The readily available quilling paper can be bought in narrow size (1/16 inch), standard size (1/8 inch), wide size (1/4 inch) and extra wide size (1/2 inch). These strips can be anywhere from 17 inches to 25 inches long. Coming to their colors, you can buy them in all sorts of colors including two-toned, graduated-tones and metallic colors. The ideal paper for creating paper sculptures is one which can be rolled easily and maintains its shape after its release.

Tweezers – Paper strips can be easily held using something known as eyebrow tweezers. You can even buy narrow point tweezers which are extremely fine and don’t have any rigid surface (that could possibly lead to paper crumpling). These can be bought from any good arts and crafts store.

A flat surface – You’ll need a flat surface for doing your work smoothly. It can be either a plastic surface or something of the same type.

Sharp scissors – These are needed for trimming the fringing flowers, strips’ ends etc.

Glue – You must buy only white color craft glue which can dry up quickly and clearly. It’d be better if the glue bottle is fixed with a nozzle making its dispensation easier and hassle-free.

You can even invest into a quilling tool that’s a long needle having a slot at its end. The needle is set into a handle and paper is passed through its slot. The tool is gently rotated in one hand, with the other hand carefully guiding the paper until it’s properly wound around the needle. You can easily slip the paper through the tool, before/after the addition of some glue to its end. This way, you can combine various shapes for creating a design. You can even use a needle tool later, once you’re comfortable with this art form.