Paper Birds

You can easily make a twirling flying paper bird through a Japanese paper folding art form referred to as origami. The goal in this art form is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a moving or static sculpture, via simple sculpting and folding techniques. Let’s start.

1. Get hold of your paper – In order to create a twirling flying paper bird, you will need to use a rectangular A4 paper sheet. It is actually the regular 11” x 8.5” paper sheet that also goes into the printers for your day-to-day printouts. If you wish, you can also make use of a notebook paper sheet.

2. Position your A4 paper sheet in a manner that its white side is facing upwards, towards you and your paper is in a diamond shape. You will need to point the two corners of your paper in upwards and downwards direction. Now, fold the paper in half and bring its bottom corner upwards and make it meet the top. At this point, you’ll have a triangle with you.

3. Fold the paper in half on a vertical crease once more. Thereafter, just open it up. Once you’ve folded the paper over, bring its flap back down onto the table.

4. Fold down your paper’s top. This can be done by folding down its tip on a horizontal crease.
- Your paper’s tip should be extending below its bottom edge, which is forming the base of the paper triangle.
- Now, fold the paper once again in half, on the vertical crease. You’ll already be in possession of a crease line for making this fold easier, from the time when you had folded your paper triangle in half.
- Once you’ve folded the paper in half, rotate it 180° in a counterclockwise direction, so that it becomes vertical again.

5. Get hold of the top flaps on the sides of your paper and fold them down. Every flap should be folded down leaving enough room inside the paper bird’s body for it to be grabbed easily. You’ll notice a triangle shape at the center of your paper, which is nothing but the beak of the bird. Now, fold down the paper bird’s wings, in a manner that the top edge of your fold is evenly placed with the top area of the beak.

6. This is the point when you should be folding back the wings up. This can be done by holding your paper bird’s body and gently folding the wings up in a manner that each wing is placed horizontally. It’s important that you get the wings in a flat shape. Now, you can easily throw your twirling paper bird just like a regular paper airplane. Watch it tumbling down in circles!