Paper Animals

Creating paper animals with paper plates is the perfect craft idea for kids and grownups. The best part about it is that you’re free to create just about anything, right from zebras to aardvarks! Let’s create a 3-d paper elephant using this form of art.

3-D paper elephant
The supplies needed for creating this elephant are: glue, black marker, 2 flexible dinner size paper plates, 8 sturdy dinner size paper plates, black and white construction paper, scissors, 4 toilet paper cardboard rolls and a pipe cleaner.


1. Paint your 8 sturdy dinner paper plates in any color of your choice. These will form the elephant’s body. Allow them to dry out completely.

2. Now, glue couple of them together (front to front) at their rim, to create one section of the elephant’s body. Repeat this step with the other plates too, so that you have 4 elephant body sections in total.

3. Glue all these sections with each other, in a back-to-back manner, for creating the overall body of the elephant.

4. Cut out 2 big circles from a white paper to make the elephant’s eyes. Cut out 2 more circles, but of a smaller size, from a black paper to create the pupils of the elephant’s eyes. Glue them to your elephant’s front plate. Now cut out few tiny strips from the black paper to make the elephant’s eyelashes. Glue them right above his/her eyes.

5. At this point, take out your flexible paper plates and paint them with the same color as the elephant’s body and allow them to dry. Cut out a large arc from either side of these flexible paper plates for creating the elephant’s ears. Glue the elephant’s ears to the sides of the front plate. This should be done in between the two sections of the elephant’s body.

6. One of the arcs that you had cut out in the previous step must be used for making the elephant’s trunk. This trunk must be glued right under the elephant’s eyes. Cut out his/her mouth using some glue and black paper under his/her nose. Your elephant can be made slightly funny by cutting out and gluing hair ribbons (in case of girl elephant) or a nice bow tie (in case of boy elephant) to it.

7. Thereafter, cover or paint the toilet paper cardboard rolls appropriately for matching your elephant’s body color scheme. Glue them to the bottom of his/her body. Use a black marker for drawing some toenails on his/her feet.

8. Last but not the least, use the pipe cleaner for making the elephant’s tail. The tail can be stuck to the elephant’s back by poking a small hole into the rear plate. Put some glue to keep it in its place.