Paper crafts and paper arts are both excellent mediums of providing healing via self-expression. If looked at closely, both the fields have some amazing similarities. Paper crafting in specific can be considered as the backbone of all sorts of scrapbooking projects. It’s a combination of decorative paper craft ideas and pictures, words or symbols that are apt representations of the key memories residing in the minds of scrapbook keepers. Diana Beltran Herrera who used to host her website here once, is a master of paper arts and crafts. You can learn more about her by visiting her official website at

Talking about paper art, it is usually more complex and advanced form of self-expression compared to regular paper craft projects undertaken by scrapbookers. Nevertheless, it remains in the realm of decorative items created with the help of paper. For instance, origami is a very well-known kind of paper art which involves creation of real-life representations using techniques that transform linear craft objects into lively three-dimensional figures. Most forms of paper art do the same; they lead to creation of three-dimensional figures which can be displayed using creative and inventive methods, significantly altering the normal look of a paper. When such paper art is combined with colors and an inspired artist’s intuition, the result can be eye catching, fascinating and amazing to say the least.

The more artistic you get in your paper crafting technique, the more amount of self-expression you can indulge in. When you express yourself this way, you can silence your mind and release a lot of tension. And when you release your tensions on a regular basis, you end up with an overall better quality of life. Eventually, you get to enjoy all the changes and events happening in the world around you.

Paper crafting and scrapbooking are hobbies that can allow you to express yourself artistically just like many other art forms. And you can obtain mental as well as physical relief when you combine these hobbies with a much deeper goal. This is very evident from the works of Diana Beltran Herrera.

You can undertake easy scrapbooking projects, for instance creation of handmade Christmas cards, and turn them into personalized gifts for your loved ones. You can even employ some paper art techniques for creation of Christmas tree ornaments, another example of how you can take something traditional into the terrains of extraordinary, leading to enjoyable and self-satisfactory results.

Sky is the limit when it comes to the way in which you can express yourself with paper crafts and paper art. It all depends on your comfort zone and how frequently you try to get out of it. While some people may simply choose to create normal ribbon paper strips for draping the decorations on their Christmas trees, others may take their creativity to an altogether different level and make the Christmas tree itself! People in the middle may simply choose to make paper birds, paper plants, paper flowers etc. for their holiday season decorations.