3D Flowers and Leaves

Have you ever observed those beautiful 3-D paper art effects on the scrapbook pages and asked yourself how they could possibly be achieved? Sometimes you need to do only a little bit to add plenty to a card or a page. It might appear as if you’ve spent endless hours giving that special effect, while it may have taken only a little bit of knowledge and skill to achieve it.

How to create 3-D paper flowers
You can easily create 3-D paper flowers by using a tool known as flower shaping tool. It has the appearance of a simple plastic stick that is rounded at both ends. While one end has a half circle shape, the other one is tapered. The ends allow you to properly crease your paper flowers. Make sure that you buy a soft mat too when you go out to buy the flower shaping tool.
In case you already have some paper punches like hearts or circles, you can even create shaped paper flowers. It’s possible to create petals for your paper flowers by punching out repetitive shapes. Simply punch out a series of hearts to form these petals. If you notice, the real petals normally have a cup shape at the center of the flowers. You can press the pointy ends of your paper petals and roll them over the tool to achieve that cup like shape.
Many petals even have a small lip on their edges, or sometimes just a rounded shape. Both can be achieved by a few presses of the flower shaping tool.

How to create a 3-D paper leaves?
Although flat leaves also look good, their attractiveness can reach an altogether different level when they assume a 3-D shape! Simple leaves can be created by punching out several heart shapes and then cutting them down at the center through their lengths. Thereafter, just finish trim them to the shape of leaves. You’ll get pointy ends and the stem ends (rounded ends) of your leaves.
In case you’re after leaves with raggedy edges, just cut or tear the edges using scissors. If you require a mottled appearance for your leaves, sponge them with ink or just splash some paint or any other color on them.
Once they are dry, simply fold the leaves into halves through their lengths. Thereafter, make use of your flower shaping tool to give them a rounded end and a cuplike shape. Perhaps, you can even curl their tips slightly. It may not be a bad idea to draw stem lines and veins on your leaves. You can even achieve a similar effect by inking their edges.